1. Klapp Klapp by Little Dragon



  3. Julio Bashmore is at it again and this time he graces your presence with a free Valentines Day download. Now that’s an idea to be in love with. Keeping the synth movement pretty much the same as the original but with a few extra kicks, Bashmore re-creates a track which i actually really liked. Being an avid Timberlake fan, i was hoping that the vocal sample would stay the same as the original and Bashmore manages to stay true to form, adding just enough to keep it catchy. Lovely little piece.

    {Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix}


  4. Listening to ‘Looking Through’ reminds me of being on your feet all day (in those shoes you just shouldn’t wear because they rub your feet) and finally getting home to a warm house and a TV series you’ve been waiting to watch. It is bliss. Bristol based Adam Wickens, aka ∆dmin provides the tranquil beats and we decided to get in touch with the man himself and learn more about him.

    1.Within music, who is a big influence on you?

    I’m currently listening to a lot of Detroit House and Techno at the moment and it has defiantly had an influence on how I approach creating music. I have had the chance to see people like Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Maurice Fulton grace the decks over the past two years, very inspirational people.

    2. In what way has your city, shaped your sound?

    Bristol is full of creative musicians and it is always reassuring to hear people making whatever and not leaning towards the more commercial sounds. House Music has really kicked off in Bristol recently too, so it’s great to be a part of that. Hopefully the appreciation of House Music will go a lot deeper…

    3. What can we expect from ∆dmin in 2013?

    I have a few releases shaping up nicely for 2013 but there is no rush. Keep your eyes peeled though. I’m looking forward to the next few months.

    4. Do you have an interesting fact about yourself?

    I love cartoons.


    {Admin - Looking Through}


  5. This is the sounds of The Golden Boy. I enjoy finding new artists so much and this one excites me a lot. This is one of two tracks i heard (other track is called ‘Chippa’) from him that i thought were some of the tightest bass tracks i’d heard for a while. Using a melodic sample and a pungent snare, this is a track i will be playing for a while.

    {The Golden Boy - Vision}



  6. Since the clip of this EP got a release i have listened to it every day without fail, Dark Sky & Breach together make such a nice team and if they continue to make music like this then i hope they stay working together and producing music for a very long time. Even though they are only clips of the EP i feel like this might have to be a piece i pick up on Vinyl. Legendary samples on ‘The Click’ (second track from the EP) which uses Mobb Deeps voice possibly? However, The Fallout is without a shadow of a doubt a hit. I love how the breakdown is almost like a complete different song in itself yet it goes so well with the rest of the track. Definitely play this one loud.

    {Dark Sky & Breach - The Fallout/The Click}


  7. I recently heard this on a T.Williams Rinse FM show and couldn’t believe he didn’t name who it was, clearly because it’s such a stomper that everyone would be playing it out and it would get very quickly rinsed. This track is exactly what i like about House Music/”Bass Music” at the moment, it’s got a nice snare and melodic voice sample which goes into an almost garage genre but still makes you want to cut up a rug.

    {EJECA - Horizon}


  8. I cannot believe this track, literally. I’ve been taking a tiny hiatus from Drum and Bass because frankly, everything i’ve heard for the past month has been absolute gass. This track is incredible though, everything i love from a Drums track - dark and dirty but still keeps a nice pace and isn’t irratic with the switch up - pull it.

    {Andy pain & Z connection - Hunted}


  9. image

    I enjoy finding new music as much as the next person but there is something about a duo that produce such melodic vocal samples and punchy basslines that puts a big smile on your face. You may have read my recent review on a track entitled ‘Before Me’ where I stated that this is possibly one of the best House tracks I have ever heard” and following the release of their EP on Noir Music (which I urge you to listen to), I thought it only right to get in touch with the boys and ask them some questions so we can get to know them a little better. Ladies and gentleman, I give you James and Ben, also known as Rekreation.


    1.    I understand you are both from Manchester/Leeds. In what way has your city shaped your sound?

    Spending the majority of our life in and around Manchester has definitely shaped our musical tastes, growing up with nightclubs such as Sankeys, Joshua Brooks and now the long gone Area 51 on our doorstep were gateways into electronic music. Mix that with two childhood’s and teen years dominated by music, and eventually music production, and that was the start of Rekreation. Being currently based in Leeds has further contributed to the progression and evolution of our sound being surrounded by such a predominant house music scene.

    2. If you could pick a favourite song of 2012, what would it be? And why?

    James: That’s a really tough question as I listen to a lot of bands and other stuff but dance music wise, for me I think it would have to come from one of my favourite artists of 2012, Detroit Swindle with their track ‘Creep’. Reason being, they have a sound which I’d describe as a forward thinking take on old-school house and I like that.

    Ben: For me it has to be the majority of the material Bicep released last year. If I had to name one track it would be their remix of “Let’s Hope” by Ripperton. It just has a sense of euphoria when the piano riff comes in and always sounds like its progressing and moving forward even though there isn’t much variation in the elements. Their style is so raw but well produced at the same time and in my opinion encompasses everything that true House music is about. You can only be impressed by them and they fully deserve the success they have had so far.

    3. What can we expect from Rekreation in 2013?

    Hopefully some more work with Noir Music, we’re currently working on a New EP to follow the Control/ Before Me release. We’ve also just confirmed a remix for Kruse & Nuernberg’s label Save Room Records which is due out in April. Other than that we’re very much looking forward to the gigs that we have coming up over the coming months.

    4. Do you have an interesting fact about yourselves?

    James: On my first day of secondary school a bee stung me in the eye. Street cred ruined from the word go!

    Ben: Haha, I have one of the largest, if not the largest, big toes in the world. I am a size 8 shoe but reckon I would definitely drop a couple of sizes if it was a normal size!


    5. What and where is your favourite record shop?

    James: Probably X-records in Bolton, just because of the nostalgic value of that dingy place! We used to get the bus after school to town and go in that shop and scan through for a couple of hours, there was definitely something about that wonderfully dull smell of old vinyl!

    Ben: Yeah, I’d have to agree with that. There wasn’t a great selection of House Music, but it did give me an all the more rewarding feeling when I was able to come across a gem.


    Rekreation’s EP is out now on (NM2) Noir music.

    SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/rekreation

    RELEASE LINK: http://www.beatport.com/release/control-before-me/1013534


  10. image

    So this is the 2013 lineup for Outlook Festival. I almost can’t contain my excitement, hoping to see about 80% of these people this year, in the sunshine (fingers crossed). LETS GO.


  11. image

    Never let it be said that Intermental Approach don’t look after their readers. Over the next couple of weeks we have a very exciting interview for you to read, coming from some promising artists.

    Watch this space…


  12. This is 'The Way It Do EP' from Artifact, a Bristol based producer with a lot to show for himself. Picking one favourite from the EP, it would have to be ‘The Way It Do’. It shows insight into just what Artifact can do with his skills - create an absolute stomper. Using industrial sounds throughout the EP is a standard thing but its the voice samples he uses that cuts up the track so nicely to create something that is strictly for the heads that know what they’re listening to. Five stars.

    {Artifact - The Way It Do EP/ Favourite track: The Way It Do}


  13. Oh my good gosh! 'Eva Mendes' on its own without being a VIP was for me one of the biggest tracks of 2012. Now Mosca has brought out the VIP and i can’t even stand to read that it’s going to stay unreleased. Going slightly darker than the first time round with the bass but still staying with the catchy melody, Mosca i salute you.

    {Mosca - Eva Mendes VIP}


  14. There aren’t many MCs that i rate as much as DRS, not only is he lyrically all there, he also applies his musical knowledge for the better, creating projects like BROKE’N’£NGLISH. This is a new feature from DRS on a track that i know would have people yelling 'pull it pull it!'. It seriously is absolutely dirty and stinking

    {HeavyFeet - Dirty & Stinkin’ Ft DRS}


  15. I have always loved Pasteman as a singlet, so when he became a duo known as ‘Mak & Pasteman’ i was overly enthuisatic, and now i love them that little more. Bringing in the usual undertones of 1990’s House beats with an 808 clap, they have created a club stomper. Its free too, which is ALWAYS a bonus.

    {Mak & Pasteman - Fifty Shades}